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Our Mission

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Our Mission

Today you helped someone, tomorrow they will help you. Today you paid for someone’s win, tomorrow someone will pay for yours. Just! Without any guarantees, obligations or promises. People here help each other. All! There is nothing more here: no investments, nothing! A kind of gigantic mutual assistance fund. One large common piggy bank from which everyone takes as needed.

People often ask: Where does the profit come from?
There is no profit here!

There is a continuous influx of new funds and new entrants. And that’s it! (And this is enough.) River! The key, transparent and bright, beating from the ground! Human kindness and responsiveness, this is the basic principle of Turbo MMM !!!

Again! We repeat! This is not a freebie, not a scam, not something negative there (as the media usually try to imagine) - this is a good and good deed. And you can become part of this project, join like-minded people, those people who believe in Blockchain technology.
By giving real help to someone at a time when someone really needs it, you will receive it in return. Today you helped a student, a regular worker, a novice entrepreneur, people with low social wealth and status, tomorrow these people will help you!

And further. Everyone around scolds and curses the pyramids, while the United States, meanwhile, is building and building its own dollar pyramid. And gradually the whole world becomes dependent. Perhaps our only salvation is to build a fair system as a counterweight! We can a lot!

Do you keep your money in the bank? Do you want a snickering banker to buy a third one for them? .. or what is the fifth limousine there ?? !! Participate in Turbo MMM and you will help ordinary people; student, worker, teacher, just an ordinary person ... One who really needs help!

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